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Using Webex webseminar Platform

Using Webex webseminar Platform

A webinar is live online presentation using multi-media tools (pictures, documents, video,...) during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.

Joining a Codra - Panorama webseminar is done following thoses steps. This description is available for Webex Platform only.

Verify the requirements

The easiest way to know if your configuration meets the minimal system requirements is to join this meeting test:

This test meeting doesn't allow any audio test. Listening to a Codra webinar needs a PC with a sound card and louspeaker. Procedure is described further in this page. All prerequisites are detailed here, on the official webex site (available in many languages).

Register to the event

The event's webpage contains a link to the registration page. If you already used webex, some identification fields are already completed. You should register at least 24h before the event starts. As soon as you are registered, you'll recieve an acknowledgement email. Then after your request has been processed, you'll recieve an validation message containing details about how to connect to the event (meeting number, password, your attendee number).

Webinar start

A few minutes before the event, you’ll recieve an email reminding you to connect, which will include your identification information to join the online meeting. When logged on, you need to connect to the audio; if not prompted you do this by clicking on the 'quick start' in the top left corner and choosing the test computer audio to configure microphone and speakers, as below:


Select the right audio connection

You may need to adjust the sound level.

Adjust sound level in Webex interfaceIf you don't hear anything,you may change source in: Comunicate | Speaker/Microphone Audio Test…

webex audio communication

You will need to select the correct entries to view the level changes and to adjust your volume.

When the setup is done click okay.

While in the waiting room, you should hear some music.