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Codra offers a broad range of training sessions to meet your needs. You can register for inter-company sessions scheduled year-round, in our offices at Les Ulis (just outside Paris). Or you can request on-site training at your own premises.

We are a certified French training organization, registered under number 11 91 02 085 91.

Our training methods

Formation Suite Panorama

  • Learning assistance
  • Practical exercises
  • Q&A
  • A training manual provided at the start of the session
  • Inter-company training (on Codra's premises):
    - Max. participants per session: 8
    - One PC for every each participants
  • On-site training (on your premises)
    - Max. participants per session: 5
    - You provide the PCs

Our offices in the Paris region include a dedicated training room. However, we occasionally organize training in our branch offices when there is significant demand.

Overview of “Panorama Certified Professional” courses

Panorama E²
- 5 days -
Objective: Provide a basic knowledge of Panorama E².

- 3 days -
Objective: Present the import possibilities from any source (including Panorama E²), and how to organize, create, and manage, reports.

Panorama COM
- 2 days -
Objective: Learn how to acquire data from a device using a communication front-end.

Panorama P²
- 4 days -
Objective: Provide a basic knowledge of Panorama P².