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Profile - Operator

Profile - Operator

Developers can create and control the entire Panorama E² user interface. This makes the system easy to use for operators. You can tailor it to operator needs concerning:Votre solution métier de superivsion

  • application(s)
  • user profiles
  • plant size

Moreover, you can use Panorama's extensive customization possibilities to clone an existing interface or navigation system (and thereby eliminate operator training costs for using the new system).
Filters, parent/child relations, right-click menus, keyboard shortcuts, and drag & drop make information available in context, for more efficient daily use.

Panorama adapts to your needs. It has no limitations concerning future enhancements, and can adapt to new resources (size, new hardware, new protocols, interfacing to a new application, etc.).

The enterprise must consider long-term issues when choosing a SCADA system. Does the software vendor guarantee upward compatibility for its solutions? Are the solutions developed in a consistent manner, by a single development team which understands, analyzes and implements changes based on an overall view of the product? This is necessary to ensure the longevity of heterogeneous solutions.