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Profile - Maintenance

Profile - Maintenance

In-service support covers both plant maintenance and maintenance of the SCADA application.

Plant maintenance operator

Panorama's Process Viewer functions are fully suited to plant maintenance:Photo agent de maintenance

  • Specific views for various user profiles
  • Archiving functions (managing data history by subscription in order to forward quantitative data, logs, and reports to the ERP)
  • Counting functions for operating reports (counters for equipment wear, operation, number of restarts, etc.)
  • Open to specialized maintenance management products: CMMS, Asset Management (Carl Software)

Application maintenance

This typically involves monitoring the plant's life cycle by adding/moving/removing equipment. The principles and tools in Panorama allow you to go further with minimal programming knowledge.

  • The component model principle:
    • It contains all the information on the equipment displayed. By improving the basic model you improve all the other entities as well.
    • A new device is a new instance (copy): you simply configure its specific features.
  • “User-level mode” simplifies and limits access to certain components, thereby avoiding hazardous operations in Panorama Studio
  • Workstation contexts: adapt/improve representations and navigation for various tasks and media

Codra and Panorama provide assistance to application developers, in particular through our Partners Programs (preferred access to technical support, pricing, on-site assistance).