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Profile - Engineering offices

Profile - Engineering offices

Regulations, technical constraints, and the principal contractors' wishes are often divided into business-related sectors. A division is then associated with a system, based on an independent supervision tool which addresses these constraints naturally and specifically. Nevertheless, Panorama can replace these independent tools : each of your applications can benefit from all of Panorama's extensive features.supervision fédérée

Panorama can also consolidate various SCADA systems (a hypervisor) for complete governance of plants, offering global or detailed views.

In both cases, this unification of features becomes the basis for an open industrial information system used by the group or enterprise information system and ERP.
Based on this unification principal, a cross-functional view of the challenges and links allows you to centralize and distribute information in real time. You can thus optimize response times and interaction. For example you can :

  • assign vacation schedules to on-call personnel
  • perform consumable/raw material tracking and planning
  • enable intelligent system interaction
  • manage cause and effect links, e.g. an open window (intrusion protection) impacts air-conditioning performance (BMS) and energy consumption
  • etc.