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Profile - Developers

Profile - Developers

Application development

The entire Panorama Suite is based on a single programming environment for all your applications, monitored systems, display types, as well as both standard and custom features. Panorama Suite offers two main types of tools:

Development tools :Concevoir votre plateforme de Supervision

  • The PanoStudio Development Workshop
  • Automated application generators:
    • Import-export in text format
    • Application Translation tool
    • BACnet Import tool
  • Synchronization tools
  • Application distribution

Debugging tools :

  • Tracer
  • Application Explorer
  • Application Checker
  • Persistence Administration
  • Application search
  • License Manager

All these tools simplify both the creation and implementation of components (including all functions and applications).

A component is an assembly of simple functions concerning a device. Sample Panorama components include:

  • Representations and animations (mimic diagrams)
  • Possible actions and user rights management
  • Device behavior
  • Alarms (if applicable)

Panorama's 100% object-oriented design can automatically populate the properties of each component, based on simple rules concerning the component itself or its position in the application tree.

Your application generator

Furthermore, Panorama Suite includes a documented SDK for its application creation engine. If the previous tools are not enough, you can automate the creation of Panorama components using your own rules by writing a simple VBA script in Excel, or in Visual Studio for more complex tasks. Your in-house tool can generate “mass-produced” applications based on your procedures, either fully or partially replacing Panorama Studio (our development workshop).

Your specific technical requirements

Une application selon vos métiers

Panorama Suite cannot include all the items specific to your plant as standard features. Therefore we offer class descriptors in order to communicate with external software (third-party programs, or functions you have developed in-house). A class descriptor is a text file providing the properties and methods of a DLL (dynamic link library), such as the display of a video camera.

However Panorama does include as a standard feature a documented SDK for integrating third-party developments.