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Nuclear Solutions Exhibition 2019

Codra will be exhibiting at the Nuclear Solutions Exhibition at the Engine Rooms in Birchwood Park, Warrington, on the 15th May.

We provide high quality, robust SCADA/HMI solutions proven in the nuclear industry, and we are very proud to announce that EDF has just renewed their faith in Codra by renewing our worldwide supply and support contract until 2026 !

The Panorama SCADA platform offers a scalable digital transformation tool with cybersecurity and safety (SIL) capabilities.

With our platform, you will be able to design, using a unique development tool, as many applications as you want using the latest technologies to improve your productivity and to reduce time and costs.

  •         Real time monitoring and control,
  •        Process, Building and Facilities Management,
  •        Hypervision of diverse systems in a common interface,
  •          Safety & Security applications,
  •          Business level interactive data analytics,
  •          Mobile SCADA App,
  •          OT/IT applications mixing Industrial IoT and standard industrial protocols like OPC-UA, MQTT, etc.

Sounds interesting ?

Don’t be shy, come to say hello to our Codra UK team and to discuss how we help not just EDF, but across much of the nuclear industry throughout the world too.