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Mobile HMI

Mobile HMI

During operation

Your HMI fits with your device support: PC, smartphone, touch panel, system without a keyboard, remote screen, etc.
Codra offers a new user experience to the operator: access to the installation using the Panorama Mobile application (Android & IOS) from his smartphone or tablet.
From the field, all mobile operators will access relevant information: visualization of the process and equipment status, notification and management of alarms, on-call services, etc. Direct access to information is offered through geolocation or QR-Code reading features. In the Industry 4.0 era, the end-user becomes a "connected operator". Panorama Mobile helps the operator's awareness and contributes to the proper functioning and predictive maintenance of your industrial plant.

SCADA smartphone

During system design

The development environment for mobile HMI is also PanoStudio, the same tool for all Panorama products. The construction engine is the same as for a PC-based HMI. Any construction & vector animation done for an HMI can be transferred (copy and paste) to the other, then adapted. Bringing a real benefit to design time without penalizing ergonomics. The commands for mobile HMI are simple and easy to set:

  • Zoom in and out,
  •  Short press / long press,
  •  Swipe,
  •  Text entry,
  •  Cursor move.