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Panorama Suite 2017 is now available !

Panorama Suite 2017 brings important new features and also offers more than 60 feature enhancements for a new experience of efficiency and operational performance!

CybersecurityPanorama Suite 2017

Cybersecurity is a major concern of all industries. Panorama Suite now has Cybersecurity functions implemented in conjunction with ANSSI (the agency for cybersecurity of industrial systems), which is driven by the French government. By implementing these security features, you bring the desired level of cyber protection to your applications through the use of native features such as confidentiality (encryption), integrity and authenticity.


Codra offers a new user experience by allowing the operator to access installations using the Panorama Mobile application (Android & IOS) from his smartphone or tablet. The user becomes a "connected operator".


Multi-protocol, multi-interface, multi-network software suite, Panorama Suite 2017 fits to all technological revolutions such as the mass arrival of IoT. The new version of Panorama Suite natively integrates the communication protocols LONwork (building management), IEC-61850 (electrical distribution management). It also provides separated management of Modbus aliases.

Multi language Projects

In order to develop and maintain a single application in different languages, Codra offers a new multi-language approach.

Communication systems

IEC 61850 and LONWorks, now directly available in Panorama Suite 2017, offer tools to enable application configuration and generation. A real time saving for application development.

Our sales teams are available to present these new products to you.

Also, a web-seminar is organized to introduce you to these new features.

The Panorama Suite

Panorama software solutions work independently or in synergy. Acquisition, SCADA and Historian of industrial data each have their own software:

Panorama E² v7 : the latest generation of our universal tool for real-time control of your installations.
Panorama COM v5: Intelligent communication front end.
Panorama HISTORIAN v4.5: advanced logging and performance analysis.

Download the Panorama Suite 2017 directly from our technical site.
Download the brochure.