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The 12/10/2017

Panorama Suite 2017 webinar

CODRA offers you presentations direct to your office. In fact, these web-seminars only require a PC and an Internet connection.The new version of Panorama Suite 2017 is available. CODRA offers you to learn about the highlights of this new version during a seminar in your office.

Thursday 12 October at 11.00 (London Time) -  duration 30 min

The Panorama Suite 2017 Launch2017 version of Panorama Suite was launched on 04/09/17, enabling you to meet today’s needs:

  • SCADA, HMI, information system: Panorama E²,
  • Communication front end: Panorama COM,
  • Historical, statistical calculation, long-term archiving : Panorama HISTORIAN.

This online seminar presents the main news about the Suite Panorama 2017 products.

Prerequisites: It is not necessary to know the Panorama software in order to follow this seminar. In-depth sessions will be offered to you soon.

What is a web seminar?

Panorama SCADA Webinars

Web seminars are online live presentation available on your PC through an Internet connection.Codra web seminars ( or webinars) are free, but required pre-registration.

What do I need to join this online event ?

  • A computer (Mac, Windows or Linux based) connected to Internet (Minimal system operating requirements),
  • Speakers or an audio device (you don't need a microphone),
  • To register at least 24h before the event starts (using the blue button on this page)

You can test now your PC using this test meeting.