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A company on a human scale

Would you like to join a company on a human scale, where you can achieve your potential and obtain genuine responsibilities?
Join Codra and our team.You will have the opportunity to assert both your know-how and vitality by developing projects based on the most advanced technologies. At Codra, smooth integration of our staff within the company is essential. In order to promote team spirit, all new recruits are assigned a mentor to accompany them during the first few months.Those working on-site at our customers remain an integral part of the company. Our administrative and sales teams maintain personal ties with them, and the technical team at the head office provides them with assistance and on-demand logistical support.


We hire young graduates as well as people with more experience.
Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, so we pay particular attention to the quality of our staff. Due to the complexity of the projects we manage, we primarily recruit people with graduate degrees from engineering schools or other university programs. We organize interviews with both the HR specialist and the future line manager in order to assess the candidate's human and individual qualities. Team spirit, an interest in technology, and your personality are key factors for joining Codra.


Making progress, diversifying your skills, adapting to new challenges: Codra offers a wide range of opportunities. Mobility within the company is available through:

  • A wide range of projects in various industries (defense, transportation, nuclear energy, industry...)
  • A range of activities around three business lines: IT engineering, software publishing, technical assistance
  • A broad range of work environments, including assignments at our numerous customers' sites

Annual employee appraisals provide an opportunity for you to express your goals: to change assignment, take on further responsibilities, and thus re-define your career plan. Our employees discover and work in several types of businesses during their first four to five years, with different types of companies, involving several technical and human environments. They can also advance from Developer to Project Manager, or even Project Director.