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About Codra

About Codra

Codra, founded in 1986, is a company specialized in industrial IT.

Codra has two core businesses :
  • A computer services company specialized in automation and test systems.
  • Publisher of the ‘Panorama‘, including COM, E², SLP and , with over 30,000 licenses deployed. We market the software across a wide range of industries (including manufacturing, BMS, FM, transportation, energy, the environment, water production & distribution, sanitation, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals).

International sales and marketing are handled by Codra Software Limited, an English company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Codra.

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Our values


Codra works in an environment with ever-changing technologies. We continuously adapt our know-how thanks to extensive technology monitoring.
Our fields of expertise include :

  • Standard operating systems (Windows, Linux, Open VMS, etc.) and real-time operating systems (such as VxWorks and VRTX),
  • Object-oriented design and associated technologies (including .NET, Visual C++, C#, Java, COM/DCOM, CORBA, TANGO, etc.),
  • Relational Database Management Systems (SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle RDB, etc.),
  • Distributed architectures,
  • Communication protocols and networks.


Codra has established a durable, stable organization in order to assure our customers that their projects will be managed over the long term. We achieve this by :

  • Hiring outstanding engineers, and developing their loyalty,
  • Maintaining expertise in our core business, and seeking innovative projects,
  • Making suitable investments, while maintaining sound financial fundamentals.


Logo ISO 9001 Version 2008

As a service provider for major corporations and organizations, Codra has focused on quality from its inception by:

  • Implementing development plans and project tracking procedures,
  • Executing project quality plans and documentation using the methods requested by our customers,
  • Maintaining ISO 9001 certification, first delivered by AFAQ in January 1998. Today we have ISO 9001 version 2008 certification for all  operational activities managed by headquarter (QUAL / 1998 / 8987b certificate).


Customer satisfaction is our no. 1 priority. Therefore hiring top-quality employees and ensuring their loyalty is most important.
All the technical staff at Codra is highly qualified, with graduate degrees from engineering schools or universities.
Our employees apply their individual skills, efficiency and resourcefulness to meet our customers' expectations.
With a median age of 39, Codra employees have proven professional experience.