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Panorama P² SCADA

Panorama P² SCADA

Panorama P² is Panorama P²Codra's legacy solution, providing an off-the-shelf industrial SCADA solution. It was created in 1990 for the Military Applications Department of the CEA (the French Atomic Energy Center). Panorama P² version 11 is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating systems (Windows Vista, Seven, 8.1, Server 2008, 2008R2 and 2012R2). This multi-purpose and easy-to-use solution is used to create and operate SCADA applications for all types of plants:

  • Industrial Panorama P² Featuresmanufacturing processes
  • Utilities / Plant facilities: BMS (heating, energy, fluids, etc.)
  • Service industry: FM (lighting, ventilation, fire safety, access control and protection, etc.)
  • Environmental applications: water treatment facilities (production and sanitation of drinking water), incineration, pollution control
  • Test beds
  • Telemetry

Panorama P² offers all the features required by a modern SCADA solution:

  • Data acquisition (precision up to 1 ms)
  • Animated mimic diagrams
  • Alarm processing and display—recognized as one of the best modules available on the market
  • Archiving and event logging
  • Integration with RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) as well as with factory and enterprise information systems
  • Real-time trend drawing and tables
  • Automatic calculation and script functions, trigger schedules
  • Numerous possibilities for publishing over the intranet/Internet and on mobile devices
  • Full-featured development and simulation workshop
  • Redundant servers and data acquisition, etc.

The latest solution retains all its original key benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • “Automation expert” approach
  • Performance
  • Flexibility

Archives to Panorama IT tool

SinceTranferring P² archives to Panorama IT Panorama P² version 11, a new tool allows existing P² archives to be recovered into a Panorama HISTORIAN database. Thus, these archived values are easily available in reports with the powerful features of Panorama H².