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Panorama E² : Information & SCADA system

Panorama E² : Information & SCADA system

Panorama E² is a SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) developed by Codra. This multi-purpose solution is the ideal platform for building modern applications for all industrial processes, with an open and flexible design, reliability, and easy deployment. It retains all the benefits of its predecessor Panorama P²: simple installation and a rich feature set.

Built entirely using object-oriented principles, Panorama E² is fully open to different technologies. It offers a wide range of standard features, and you can create and add your own functions.

At the heart of Panorama E², is a set of software services offering advanced functions for data processing (data acquisition, alarms and events processing, calculations, archiving, animations, etc.) while managing the infrastructures either automated or manually (distributed architectures, redundant, batteries of communications equipment, Active Directory, diffusing and updating applications, etc.)change picture!


Mutli Domain, mutli purpose

HMI - Human-Machine Interface

Panorama E² includes a powerful vector graphical editor. This graphic engine allows the construction of complex mimics with complete freedom of animation and control of the elements. Using the same graphic engine, Panorama E² brings the ability to interface with your installations via the Panorama Mobile App (on Google Play store & Apple App store).


Thanks to Panorama's flexibility, you can design your architecture independently from your SCADA application. Single or multipl HMIs, Centralized or Distributed, your SCADA system will evolve according to your plant's life cycle, etc.

BACnet: the emerging standard

Similar to OPC, BACnet is a communication protocol with additional advantages: object architecture, command prioritization, new data types such as date, etc., which simplifies the communications between equipment and SCADA. Coming from the world of Building Automation, BACnet is used in other fields. Panorama E², which is built on the same principles, only had to natively integrate this standard to benefit from all its advantages.