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Human-Machine Interface - HMI

Human-Machine Interface - HMI

The graphical environment

Panorama E² HMI features fully vector-based graphics. SCADA HMI editor allows you to build sophisticated mimic diagrams with a wide range of animation items. You build mimics adapted to your needs, highlighting vital data to manage & maintain facilities.
A ready-to-use object library facilitates HMI design and allows the fast development of detailed mimics.
Your information is presented according to your company standards and/or according to the best practices such as those advised by ASM. These recommendations from critical industrial backgrounds can be applied to all areas where industrial SCADA is used.

During operation

Whatever your application, it must adapt its human machine interface to your requirements regarding:

  • Navigation (menus, hypertext links, multiple windows, display sizes etc.)
  • The use of color-coding and visual standards
  • User-specific requirements (profiles, custom information)
  • User behavior (actions/procedures available on different devices)
  • The application environment (PCs, smartphones, touch screens, systems without keyboards, remote screens)
  • etc.

During system design 

Motorized Object 3min


All these user requirements drive the software functions. When creating your SCADA HMI in Panorama Studio, these functions need to interact in order to obtain the desired system behaviour. With Panorama you always use the same mechanisms: data items are “hard-wired” together in order to obtain a given behaviour, whether for:

  • Determining animations and commands
  • Displaying a particular view
  • Opening a menu
  • Managing access rights
  • Configuring items/pre-configuring components
  • etc.

All our standard tools feature our user-friendly Panorama HMI, making it easier for you to build your applications.