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Supervision Architectures

Supervision Architectures

Panorama solutions cover all sizes of applications and all types of architectures:

  • Supervision of experiments and small production runs. Panorama example: Pharmaceutical application running on a single workstation, with 25 variables.
  • Supervision of a production line or a specific application . Panorama example: FM installation, one server and one viewing workstation, with 1,500 variables.
  • Process supervision and large-scale applications. Panorama example: Distribution, telemetry, production, collection of fresh water and wastewater (+ video surveillance), management center, 200 remote sites with redundant operations centers, 40 itinerant clients, 140,000 variables.
  • Multi-application supervision: Panorama example: Management of 600 sites & consolidation of 10 applications, air conditioning, counters, alarms, heating, video, warehouses, electricity, lighting, fire detection, access control.
  • Process hypervision (a world premiere): 50 virtualized servers, 10 systems, 1 hypervision, 1,600,000 variables Panorama example: Laser MegaJoule

SCADA network Architecture








You do not always have to overhaul your entire application in order to meet the changing requirements of your installation. You can easily adapt your architecture to handle:

  • Extensions and enlargements,
  • New redundant servers with better security,
  • Any hardware or software architecture enhancement,
  • New, more powerful machines,
  • New Panorama features and enhancements: providing data to an ERP, managing production or maintenance, remote interventions, etc.

Your Panorama application will never be called into question. You can:

  • Associate parts of the application to particular servers, without touching the content
  • Declare principles for using distributed or redundant servers, without touching the content
  • Improve your component models to take into account specific technical features of new equipment—they are applied automatically across your entire application
  • Enhance your models with additional features: management of on-call periods or absences, preventive/curative maintenance notifications for the plant's operator and/or external CMMS, generation of operating reports or quality/performance reports.