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Panorama E² Alarm Management

Panorama E² Alarm Management

One of the important aspects in SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems is alarming. As plant operations become more and more complex, proper alarm monitoring and management becomes very critical to the correct operation of the asset. Alarm flooding or improper alarm settings can pose a risk that may lead to serious damage.

The management of alarms must provide the users with all services enabling them to be informed of the occurrence of abnormal system operating conditions, to report that anomalies have been taken into account, to act on their origin, and to process fault history.

Alarm Configuration

The Panorama E² alarm objects may be used for many different behaviors:

  • Reflecting a PLC (Programmable Logic Controlller) boolean value of a present alarm,
  • Comparing an acquired or computed value to a model (trend) and detecting a gap,
  • Using apparition, clearance and initialisation delay,
  • Whilst linked to a calculation, hysteresis toggling.

Alarm window

Panorama E² alarm management includes several native presentations functions, including:

  • Presentation and notification of alarms (with alarm name, alarm priority, alarm status, date and time  for : apparition, change, acknowledge, etc.  ),
  • Alarm management (filtering of alarms, User right actions, contextual views),
  • Alarm parameter (Rerouting of alarm, Delayed or Repeated Alarms, Alarm grouping with unlimited tags system).

Alarm Lists samples

Any existing information in alarms can be presented into fully customizable alarm windows. This enables a fast and accurate user reaction.

Alarm animation

As any valueAlarm Animation in mimics managed by Panorama E², alarm informations can be displayed in mimics according to the SCADA conventions rules (i.e.: Nuclear power plant uses precise alarm colors according to criticity). Moreover, according to the native Panorama E² OPC-like (OLE for Process Control) quality management, any lost of connexion with PLCs may spread invalid status to displayed values and trigger alarms.
Codra’s experts team has the expertise to help you apply your Alarm Management Strategy, reduce overall alarm count and increase visibility of critical alarms, in compliance with guidelines (EEMUA #191 Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association  – based alarm system design, ASM Abnormal Situation Management Consortium best practices,…).


Information presentation

WIth PanoramaAlarms dipslayed in mimics E², you are free to build your own navigation system to display and organize information. You can use Alarm Synthesis to count present alarms, cleared alarms , etc. with a filter on a part, priority or text.

Morevover, the best way to manage alarm is to avoid them. According to Panorama E² functions, it is easy to display system behavior and trends for measure monitoring and alarm forecasting.