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New features of PS2017

New features of PS2017


Cybersecurity is a major concern of all industries. Panorama Suite now has Cybersecurity functions implemented in conjunction with ANSSI (the agency for cybersecurity of industrial systems), which is driven by the French government. By implementing these security features, you bring the desired level of cyber protection to your applications through the use of native features such as confidentiality (encryption), integrity and authenticity.



Codra  provides a new Panorama user experience for field operators to access their installations using the Panorama Mobile application (Android & IOS) via their smartphone or tablet. The user thus becomes a "connected operator".



Multi-protocol, multi-interface, multi-network software suite, Panorama Suite 2017 lends itself to any technological innovation such as the mass arrival of IoT. The new version of Panorama Suite natively integrates the communication protocols of LONwork (building management) and IEC-61850 (electrical installation management). It also provides separated management of Modbus aliases.




In order to develop and maintain a single application in different languages, Panorama Suite 2017 proposes a new multi-lingual approach. Whether in development or in operation, Panorama Suite software instantly switches to the desired language.


Panorama Suite 2017 allows data collection from and analyzis of your installations in order to make relevant decisions using indicators / KPI. Optimizing your processes and ensuring better performance at all levels of the company.