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Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite

Panorama Suite Panorama Suite Brochureis a software suite for building applications in the areas of activity requiring: data acquisition, real-time control (SCADA),data archiving and reporting.

The software suite Panorama (COM, , ) meets the needs of many  industries through integrating your Information Systems, your Production Monitoring, etc.

Panorama Suite is the ideal platform for building modern powerful and scalable applications to meet the challenges of Industry and of Cities of the Future.

Panorama Suite is a global solution for collecting, processing and presenting information to enhance Enterprise performance: each product can be used independently, in combination or all together.

Industry 4.0 ready

The openness and flexibility of Panorama allows the combination and integration of disparate installations. This brings optimization, the addition of intelligence, the ability to connect many departments and production units and thus transform traditional industries into Industry 4.0 .
Panorama Suite includes today the major technical developments you will need tomorrow.

Software Bus & Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is the core of a modern SCADA system like Panorama E², and the software bus is its spinal column. This ensures:

  • Consistent structure of your content
  • Simple nesting of items and their relations (components)
  • A single, universal implementation principle
  • Simple implementation of interactions between items
  • Network architecture independent from the application architecture
  • Possibility of adding native functions just like those provided by Codra

Product openness

The tools in Panorama Suite allow you to build automatic application generators, easing evolution and maintenance. The Panorama infrastructure design lets you easily add your own functionalities (specific graphs, set point curves, CCTV system handling).

Other strengths

Flexibility and convenience are found in Panorama: schedule editing windows, off-the-shelf Speech Unit components ... Customization and adaptation are not forgotten. Even if the standard generic behaviors are not sufficient for your needs, it is still possible, for example, to customize the categories of alarms (not only their importance but also to classify them), redundancy scenarios, customized libraries ...

Reusability and component library: The Object principles of Panorama push the application engineer to build and manage some generic components (assembly of features) along with specific user-components oriented to his needs. These components can be reused in other applications, reducing complexity, making maintenance easier, enabling improvements and enhancements to previous applications. This helps to increase and transfer knowledge amongst applications.

These strengths are brought by Panorama’s Object Oriented Concepts and its native openness.