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Panorama HISTORIAN is a stand-alone solution, ideal to collect and aggregate data from one or more installations. H² supplements the global enterprise information system and also provide MES (Manufacturing Execution System) features.

Supervising and controlling a plant involves 2 types of monitoring :

  • Real-time monitoring, providing a snapshot of field operations at a specific point in time,
  • Non real-time monitoring, providing a macroscopic view of the entire plant.

Panorama HISTORIAN performs the latter function and provides MES solutions features. It summarizes information concerning the overall plant status, providing :

  • Operating reports and dashboards,
  • Key indicators on energy consumption,
  • Key indicators concerning performance, production and maintenance.

Data ManagementReporting with Panorama H2

Panorama HISTORIAN receives raw data from all available sources (PLC, RTU, DCS, Panorama or non-Panorama SCADA,...) and performs the requested calculations. Panorama HISTORIAN can collect the data from a single workshop or an entire plant, and also enables the pooling of information from several facilities to a centralized H² server.

Data history & Processing

For a given data item, H² offers several types of archiving (data history, long-term archiving, statistics, counters and alarm cycles). Data aggregation extracts information (counters offsets, acknowledgement delay, trends of a measure,...) to facilitate data presentation and storage optimisation. A plant can generate vast amounts of information: Panorama HISTORIAN is designed to optimize storage volumes and to enhance fast and simple searches.

Reporting as part of a MES solutionBilan Panorama H²

Once Panorama HISTORIAN has aggregated your data, it remains available in the database for consultation using :

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Internet Explorer and Reporting Services (using SSRS from Microsoft),
  • Microsoft Report Builder, or Visual Studio as a Reporting project for more complex applications,
  • Any tool that can connect to a SQL Server Database.

You can use these tools to create summaries, plant overviews, reports, indicators (KPI), dashboards, operating reports, consumption tracking, and more generally energy performance. Those reports are keys of an efficient MES solution.

Synergy with other Panorama Suite 2016 solutions

Panorama HISTORIAN can be used in combination with Panorama COM or Panorama E², or with those both solutions to propose a global information collection, processing and presentation solution for Entreprise management.

Archives to Panorama HISTORIAN

Accumulation Archives Historian

Existing Panorama P² or E² archives can be recovered into Panorama HISTORIAN. Thus, these archived values are easily and immediately available in H², without modifying E² or P² application.