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Panorama Certifed Integrator

Panorama Certifed Integrator


Logo Panorama Certified IntegratorThe Panorama Certified Integrator (PCI) contract offers integrators additional end-user services for the Panorama suite.

With the PCI contract, Codra makes a commitment to provide integrators with the following services for a full year:

  • Software development licenses for all functions
  • Priority technical support
  • Access to the Codra technical Web site
  • Training
  • Preferred commercial terms
  • Reference on the Codra Web site

In exchange, the integrator agrees to provide optimal service to its clients. To achieve this, the integrator must have trained at least two employees on the latest version of each Panorama solution defined in the PCI contract. We offer integrators discount prices on our training programs.

Integrators can also register for the beta-test program for Panorama products. They get advanced access to new software versions, and can help improve product reliability during the product validation and testing phase.


The Panorama Certified Integrator contract is designed for integrators wishing to develop a Panorama application under optimal conditions, to provide top-quality services, and to deliver long-term solutions.


We recommend you maintain a valid PCI contract without interruption from one year to the next, in order to ensure the best possible services and to benefit from the latest features of the Panorama product range.
Furthermore, you obtain discounts according to your Panorama-related purchases of previous years. In addition to the sales volume discount, we offer a Loyalty discount when you maintain your PCI contract without interruption.