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Panorama Services

Panorama Services

Quality and customer satisfaction are of vital importance to Codra.

Our customers consider quality of service a key benefit of the Panorama solutions.SCADA application assistance

Codra service in brief:

  • Quality
  • Prompt
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Committed
  • Available

That is why we pay particular attention to customer assistance, starting at the pre-sales phase. We always strive to transfer knowledge and to offer technical assistance from our Panorama experts. The image of Codra and Panorama is really linked to SCADA application design and quality.

Customer satisfaction at Codra is based on our pro-active approach and upgradeable products.

We offer maintenance contracts to both our end users and integrators, covering their licenses from the initial project phase.

Codra teams assist you for the duration of your long-term projects.

When you contact Codra, you can deal directly with the software vendor.

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