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Telemetry / Distribution Success story

Telemetry / Distribution Success story

Some references in telemetry SCADA

Oil & Gas, Water/Waste Water or Power industries often require a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for connecting, monitoring, controlling, and managing diverse automation devices and software applications across multiple telemetry options, including all Radio and Modem types, Ethernet TCP/IP, Serial Multi-Drop, and Satellite. Communications has to be managed through a robust software platform that supports an array of client interface. Panorama SCADA systems allow you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple tank level measurement to well pad optimization integrated with ERP, these systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial trends. Codra helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated, secure and reliable end-to-end Panorama Telemetry SCADA Solution.

Telemetry Scada referenceEnergy / Gas / Pipelines

EDF Energy UK - RTE - ICS Triplex - GDF National Grid - Cray Valley Total - Agip - Elf - SMCA - Association Liegoise du Gaz (ALG) - GASCO Abu Dhabi - Bordeaux Gas - Xian City China - Turkey Gas

Water and wastewater telemetry scadaWater distribution and sanitation / Waterpipe networks - Cities, Local authorities, Public service organizations

AGUR (Aquitaine Urban and Rural Management) • Grand Lyon • Ibadan Nigeria • IECBW (Brabant Wallon Intercommunal Water Center) • Paris Town Hall • Metropolitan Nantes • Algérienne de l’eau • Société des Eaux de Marseille • SIEAMD (Montluçon-Désertines Intercommunal Water and Sanitation Union) • SAUR • SIAHVY (Intercommunal Union for Water Development in the Yvette Valley) • SIAVB (Bièvre Valley Intercommunal Sanitation Union) • SIVOA (Mixed Union of the Lower Orge Valley) • STGS • Mixed Union for Action on Flooding of the Orne Valley and its catchment area • Veolia Eau Seine et Marne Nord

Telemetry monitoringWWTP : Production of Drinking water / treatment of water / wastewater

SIAAP • SIEAMD (Montluçon-Désertines Intercommunal Water and Sanitation Union) • Société des Eaux de Marseille • STEP : Arles - Aubusson - Buchelay - Clermont-Ferrand - Dammarie-les-Lys - Ensuès-La-Redonne - Florange - Fos-sur-Mer - Fraize - Itteville - Metropolitan Lille - Locquirec - Loudéac - Meaux - Migennes - Montluçon - Pommerit-le-Vicomte - Rethel - Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer - Saint-Fons - Saint-Martin la Garenne - Strasbourg Regional Municipality - Vars - Concorde hotels

Industrial sanitarisation telemetry scadaIndustrial water

Atomic Energy Commission: CEA Bruyères le Châtel - Cadarache - Saclay - Valduc • EDF Flamanville • Disneyland Paris • Hôtel de la Cité • Lambert Dodard Chancereul • Nicolas Feuillatte • Lille Stadium • Orangina • Yoplait