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Panorama solutions are deployed in a broad range of transportation applications, and currently manages millions of passengers everyday in France, Belgium, Spain, Algeria, Portugal, UK, to name a few. With Panorama software suite, Codra provides a flexible and adaptive SCADA platform for evolving facility monitoring and control as well as traffic control systems. A broad range of operating system support, endless scalability, an open integration and development platform all combine to make Panorama a long-term life cycle solution. Ensuring the utmost in safe reliable operations, Panorama specializes in mission critical applications with a solid track record of uninterrupted service supported by solid engineering, a reliable object oriented database and several fault tolerant, redundant features. Panorama is currently being used throughout the world to monitor and manage vital systems for subways, airports, trams, railways and even automobile traffic control. For these applications, Panorama SCADA software monitors and controls such things as:

  • Tram movement

  • Airplane fueling

  • Moving walkways

  • Interaction with urban traffic control

  • Signaling and routing

  • Facility heating, lighting and air conditioning

  • Facility energy management

  • Platform operation

  • Fire systems

  • Ticketing systems

  • Security cameras

  • Elevators, escalators and facility equipment

Scada AviationAviation

ADP • Airbus • Air France • Airports : Basel-Mulhouse - Birmingham - Charleroi - Dubai - Dublin - Gatwick - Heathrow - London - Manchester - Mohamed V Casablanca - Nice - Los Angeles - Toulouse • DGAC • Liebherr • Safran Turbomeca • Snecma • Thales

Rail supervisory software solutionsRail

Alstom Transport • Lisbon subway - London underground - Barcelona subway • RATP (Paris) • Régie des Transports de Marseille • SNCF • Korean bullet train • Tramways of Bordeaux - Clermont-Ferrand - Dijon - Issy-les-Moulineaux - Nice - Orleans - Paris T1,T2,T3

Transportation supervisory referencesHighways

Cofiroute • SAPRR • CIGT 06 (Traffic Information Center - Alpes-Maritimes region) • DDE 93 - 78 • Trans Val de Marne • Vinci


scada system for parking infrastructure managementParking garages

Belfort - Monaco - Dijon - Montbéliard • Lille Stadium

TTunnels infrastructure management systemunnels

Paris Ring road • Parc des Princes • Porte de Pantin • Landy A1 Hindhead Tunnel • London Hatfield Tunnel

SCADA systems used in River and maritime transportsRiver and maritime

Maritime Services of : Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais , Le Havre's seaport •  VNF (french waterways office) • Monaco's seaport