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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Some references in Oil and Gas

Today’s oil & gas processes and pipelines rely on sophisticated automation and control systems to operate safely, reliably and efficiently. Codra offers software solutions and services for every phase of oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, storage and refining – both onshore and offshore.

SCADA Pipeline referencesGas Transportation / Pipelines

GDF National Grid - Cray Valley Total - Agip - Elf - SMCA - Association Liegoise du Gaz (ALG) - GASCO Abu Dhabi - Bordeaux Gas - Turkey Gas

 Oil and Gas petroleum SCADA references Oil & Gas

Storage, exploration, extraction, production, refining,tankers FPSO, etc.

ADMA OPCO - Agip - ALG - Bordeaux Gas - BP British Petroleum -  Conoco Phillips - Cybernetix - Dana Petroleum - GASCO Abu Dhabi -  Horizon - ICS Triplex - Petrofac - Saoudi ARAMCO - Statoil - Talisman - TOTAL - Tracerco - Turkey Gas - Xian City China