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Hypervision / Geo-Scada sucess story

Hypervision / Geo-Scada sucess story

Some references in Geoscada and hypervisory systems

Panorama E² is a powerful hypervisory system: it surpasses other Scada systems by providing Monitoring and Data Analysis in the same platform. Users can visualize, control and take process & business decisions based on real time and reporting values displayed in on single environment. Scalable and very reliable, it enables users to manage thousands of sites/devices.In addition, version 6 of Panorama E² includes a new Geo SCADA function, enables interactive maps (such as Google Maps, Google Earth or Open Layer solutions ) to be integrated into Panorama's HMI.The application checks the displayed geographical zone (position, map scale and viewing angle for Google Earth) or will read this data if the operator is allowed to access these parameters. “Position markers” are added to the maps and “animated” by data from the application (posi­tion, color, style). The application also processes operator actions on these position markers. If there are many markers in the displayed zone, a grouping function can be activated to display “summary markers” that indicate the number of individual markers replaced and are in turn animated by a summary of the replaced marker status.

Bordeaux City geo scada applicationGeo SCADA / Hypervision system

Decentralized energy production

CNIM • CNR • CRAM • Dalkia • EDF Hydraulique • E.ON

Monitoring the environment

AFCN • CEA • EDF Radioprotection • IRSN

Water, Gas, and Electricity

Algérienne de l’Eau • Eaux de Marseille • Egouts de Paris • EDF • Gaz de Bordeaux • Gaz de Turquie • GDF-SUEZ • Grand Lyon • Resa •  SEM • Total • Veolia Eau • VNF • Xian Gas


CIGT 06 • Cofiroute • Highways Agency • London Underground • RTM (Marseille Transport Center) • Nice Tramway • Clermont-Ferrand Tramway • Paris Airport

Buildings & Infrastructure

Bordeaux City CAF de Lyon • CAF de Ville-Franche • CEA Cesta / Marcoule / Valduc • Société Générale • City of Bordeaux Marcoussis Data Center Société Générale Bank CIC Bank Snecma