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Codra teams continuously monitor emerging technologies in order to successfully address our customers' concerns.

Codra assists customers in all their project phases

  • Design: Preliminary design, specifications, architecture analysis, etc.,
  • Development: Project implementation, application development, integration, validation, commissioning, acceptance testing, training, warranty
  • In-service support to ensure the longevity of our solutions
  • Renovation of legacy systems: In-service support for systems developed by a third party.
  • Third party application maintenance (TPAM)

“We manage our projects using one of two modes:
•   Contract work: We have the organization and teams required for contract work. Over two-thirds of our revenue is generated by this type of project.
•   Technical assistance: This involves providing customers with specific technical expertise on an occasional basis, in order to carry out a project with the customer's teams.

With the quality of Codra's services, major buyers have become our customers on contract work projects. This also enables our engineers to take part in major industrial processes.”

Eric Oddoux, Pre-sales & Recruitment