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Digital set top boxes


Codra is developing new features for a multi front-end (IP/TNT/SAT) digital set top box project for the Belgian operator Mobistar. These include SAT scanning, DRM integration, and progressive downloading. We have also corrected various bugs.

Codra is also responsible for adding a PushVOD by satellite function as part of a demonstration system for the French operator Orange. PushVOD involves downloading programs to the subscriber's hard disk, allowing them to watch programs available through one-off purchases, or to view events available through a monthly subscription.


Codra is currently part of a 10 person team developing digital set top boxes.
In order to integrate PushVOD by satellite, we had to develop an API to support the PushVOD library and to write an SDK for the technical partner.

The digital set top box architecture is based on an ST Microelectronics chip, and the software is developed in C on an embedded Linux system.