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PM2S, large format printing

PM2S, born from the merge of Fujifilm France and Noristu technical services, entrust Codra the evolution of the upgrade kit software component "LONG LENGTH PRINT" for FujiFilm Digital Minilab (LP5500-LP5700).

This kit, developed jointly with Fujifilm, extends the printing capabilities of these machines through a maximum sheet length from 457mm to 914mm.

Codra adressed the necessary changes of the Firmware:

  • As a first step, the support of a sheet up to 640mm without physical modification of the machine;
  • In a second step, the integration of developments and changes related to the new electro-mechanical components in order to reach 914mm.

The technical environment of this project demonstrated the Codra technical capabilities on a complex real-time embedded systems (VxWorks OS and C programming language).