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Codra works in an environment with ever-changing technologies. We continuously adapt our know-how thanks to extensive technology monitoring.

Our areas of expertise

•    Standard operating systems (Windows, Linux, Open VMS, etc.) and real-time operating systems (such as VxWorks and VRTX)

•    Design of real-time embedded software (C, C++, Delphi, ADA)
•    Design of object-oriented software and related technologies (.NET, Visual C++, Java, Python, Qt, etc.)
•    Relation Database Management Systems (SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle RDB, MySql, etc.)
•    Distributed architectures (Tango, Corba, COM/DCOM, etc.)
•    Communication protocols and networks
•    Web services and SOA architecture
•    Web technology (HTML5, Ajax,, Php, Jsp, etc.)
•    Virtualized environments
•    GIS (QGis, GeoConcept, Openlayers, Googlemaps, etc.)
•    Scientific applications (Mathlab, Scilab, IDL)
•    Parallel computing
•    etc.