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We use a specific organization and methodology following your project's requirements:

  • Development methodology: V cycles, Agile development
  • Modeling: UML
  • Human factor approach: we analyze and attempt to prevent human errors which trigger incidents
  • Automatic test methodology and tooling (HP Quality center, TestComplete, ...)
  • IT security: ISO 2700x
  • Software quality measurement: ISO 9126
  • Prototyping methodology: Ergonomics and Processes

Our solutions are the result of both customer feedback and our know-how in business integration, engineering, and innovation for enterprise projects:

  • Analysis of the components to use according to the required features
  • Integration of components in an interoperable system
  • Development of application-specific functions when necessary
  • Support for legacy environments
  • Design of a consistent, secure architecture in view of the customer's operations and in order to improve integration with the legacy information system

Most of the applications we develop run under Microsoft Windows and use object-oriented technology. Moreover, in order to satisfy certain engineering customers, we have developed and maintained expertise in Unix/Linux and Open VMS. We implement systems designed to operate in networks of heterogeneous machines and a variety of technical environments. We favor open designs in order to deliver scalable and maintainable solutions.

Codra provides three types of services:

  • Technical assistance: expertise and development
  • Contract work: project fulfillment, third party application maintenance (TPAM), and In-service support
  • Consulting

We provide end-to-end management of information systems. Our varied experience and competencies enable us to advise and assist our customers with project management and contracting.