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Supervision of postal sorting centers


La Poste, the French national mail service, is industrializing its mail management procedures and is setting up new sorting centers with a large number of machines. The organization decided to set up a tool offering a real-time overview of all equipment operations in order to optimize both machine performance and availability.

@ Groupe La Poste


The application, developed using Panorama Enterprise Edition, lets the sorting center's maintenance and operations teams monitor equipment production through alarms and performance statistics on both operating faults and sort quality.

Data is available in real time through mimic diagrams, alarm banners, and graphs. It can be archived in an SQL Server database and stored for up to three years. Consolidated statistics, developed using Microsoft Reporting Services tools, are provided through reports on a Web site. Alarms and reports can both be sent automatically by e-mail.

The same information is made available to the national maintenance center, which also has a Panorama E² application. The application obtains real-time values in the sorting center's application and a shared database of archived data.