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Eurotunnel - Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel - Channel Tunnel

Overhauling the Engineering Management System (EMS)


Since mid-2009 Codra has worked on behalf of the Eurotunnel Converteam to overhaul the Engineering Management System controlling the tunnel's fixed equipment such as ventilation, lighting, and the power supply of the catenary system.


The system was initially developed using a Vax – VMS architecture.

In order to modernize the various software components in the EMS, we needed to:
•    Port the system from VAX – VMS to Itanium – OpenVMS
•    Rewrite software modules as the source code and/or the products used for the initial development became unavailable

Eurotunnel also requested functional enhancements to the current product by improving existing features and adding new ones. Note that Codra was not responsible for the initial development.