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Embedded and real-time systems

Embedded and real-time systems

Codra has developed expertise in embedded systems through a wide range of projects. These systems are vital to industry, and are very present in our daily lives.

The development of embedded systems requires knowledge of both IT and electronics. We have this knowledge, and the technical capabilities to meet our customers' system requirements. Furthermore, embedded systems often use real-time systems.
VxWorks is a common real-time operating system, and real-time programming often uses C,++ and Ada.







With the rapid development of open source solutions, Linux is increasingly used at the core of IT and consumer electronic devices, notably within network equipment and small digital devices for the consumer market (such as mobile phones, set top boxes, TNT decoders, etc.). With Linux, manufacturers can adapt the software to their requirements (power consumption, user interface, additional features, etc.) and also benefit from the experience and work of an active development community. Linux is also appreciated for its reliability and resistance to network attacks by hackers. And it's free.

Specialized cooperation forums offer assistance to product manufacturers, providing instructions, programs, and sample code; they also help standardize the Linux programming interfaces in embedded systems. Codra advises customers on the strategic choice for embedded Linux. We participate in the development of consumer products and have obtained considerable expertise in this field. We also have extensive experience with other real-time systems such as VxWorks and Windows Embedded (Compact, Standard or Server Edition), as well as with micro-controllers (by Hitachi and other vendors).