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EDF CIPN: Renovation KZR / ATES

EDF has entrusted the renovation of the KZR system to the consortium Assystem-Codra.

KZR is one of the real-time tools that, faced with the different economic issues (performance monitoring, respect of contractual commitments) and technical issues (respect of technical specifications), provides a capital gain in controlling the reactors.

It allows nuclear plant operators to:

  • to optimize the production of their reactor through operational control help, depending on:
  • the “network” commitments and their values
  • the type of operation of the reactor.
  • to meet the "network" commitments and to confirm this by setting the frequency and the voltage.

Within the consortium, Codra develops the control system. Assystem provides the acquisition system and ensures the deployment of the solution. The deployment of the 54 nuclear reactor sites is expected between 2014 and 2018.