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Probabilistic simulation of the distribution network


As part of the SIPRé project (“Probabilistic Simulation for Distribution Networks”), EDF R&D needed to assess the contribution of probabilistic methods in planning networks with erratic production (wind turbines, photovoltaic systems) and to better evaluate the quality criteria concerning the energy supplied.

EDF R&D wanted to build a probabilistic platform using OpenTURNS and network distribution software. OpenTURNS uses external calculation software to perform calculations on the distribution network.


Codra has helped develop these tools for various phases of the project since 2008:

  • The first phase involved interfacing OpenTURNS with existing load flows. Codra was responsible for:
    - interfacing the Mosard load flow (a Java Web service under Windows hosted on a TOMCAT server) with OpenTURNS (C under Linux) through a Wrapper
    - porting the FACE load flow to Linux and interfacing it with OpenTURNS
  • The second phase analyzed the quality criteria for the energy supplied to the network. EDF R&D needed functions to develop incident recovery plans and to calculate quality criteria (number and length of outages, time required to resupply power). PRAO, a distribution network planning program used by ERDF, includes a module for this purpose. During this phase we were responsible for:
    - Porting the incident recovery software to PRAO (at first only the simulation function for simple incidents)
    - Developing the interface between the ported software and OpenTURNS
    - Deploying the calculation software over a cluster of Linux PCs, launching the calculation, and analyzing the results in OpenTURNS