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DIGI²TAL portal


DIGI²TAL is a collaborative portal developed by Codra for EDF R&D.
The company's Business Application Interoperability Group required contracting assistance to prepare development projects, as well as for information system modeling and urbanization for various Divisions of the EDF Group.
For the DIGI²TAL project, Codra set up an Intranet Portal offering a central collaboration point to the research engineers in the MIRE department, as well as for other EDF R&D personnel. It may also be opened to people outside EDF R&D (ERDF, IDEA, European projects (DERRI, ADRESS, REFLEX, etc.)). The portal is designed to:

  • Store and share project data
  • Provide access to the IT tools required for research
  • Share and leverage both calculation and research methods
  • Share data format conversion tools such as ECH, ASC, and FDGO
  • More generally, share knowledge


The applications and calculation software are hosted on VMWare virtual machines. Users have transparent access through a Web portal via an RDP connection.
Codra was responsible for all system engineering on the project, and notably for:

  • Drafting the Technical Architecture File
  • Developing the solution
  • Operating the solution