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Multi-function metering platform (COPUS)


Codra developed a multi-function metering platform on behalf of EDF R&D. It is designed to manage the data and consumption simulation software of electrical devices. The purpose of this software is to:

  • Enable a system operator to develop, store, implement, maintain, and enhance data concerning electrical devices (loads) and electrical usage (consumption types)
  • Integrate this data in microcomputers running a variety of operating systems
  • Enable the future integration of new data not defined in the first version of the platform
  • Enable the data for use in future versions of Matlab and Simulink

  • Support versioning in order to handle future development requirements using a “quality” approach (following modifications, the resulting platform will be called “version 1.0 ”)


For this project, Codra:

  • Developed a data acquisition application
  • Set up a database
  • Integrated the legacy software developed under Matlab
  • Developed a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) using Panorama