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Consulting tool (GER)


We developed GER on behalf of EDF R&D. It is a consulting tool for the renovation of Internal Electrical Networks (IEN) of industrial and service companies in the Commerce Division.

GER is designed to inform the IEN operator on the state of the electrical equipment, and to compare various renewal/maintenance strategies. It uses a Global Cost of Ownership method for economic analysis.


The study involves two phases:

  • Phase 1: entry of the required data and parameters, using forms
  • Phase 2: calculation and results of the scenario simulations. Various types of calculation are used:
    - obsolescence (both technical obsolescence and physical life expectancy)
    - economic (to calculate the economic life expectancy of each device)
    - technical (operational issues)

GER manages various types of equipment:

  • workstations (delivery, etc.)
  • HVB equipment (transformers, circuit breakers, on/off switches, measurement transformers, cables)
  • HVA equipment (HVA/LV transformers, cabinets, cables)
  • backup solutions (UPS, generating sets)

The system was developed in C#.