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Software package for managing metering equipment (GEPRI)


For the EDF/R&D metering system group, Codra developed the generic GEPRI software based on the Prisme concept, and adapted it to the various metering devices, communications protocols, remote-metering systems, and EDF rates.

GEPRI is a software package for managing (configuring and reading) metering devices. It offers a set of tools for developing software solutions with:

  • An open design for the metering system to meet a wide range of requirements (meter manufacturers, energy distributors other than EDF, etc.) and adapt to all types of pricing systems
  • Use by end users, distributors (in France and abroad), energy producers, and meter manufacturers
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, or manual management of a portfolio including dozens of customers (representing an installed base of several hundred control stations) in either local point-to-point mode (via an optical link), remote mode (PSTN), or via the Euridis bus.


Codra developed the software and maintains remote totaling and management software from its Clamart site.
Current work involves making changes to the GEPRI kernel in order to develop the COLIBRI management software, which will enable remote reading of 4 quadrant meters such as TRIMARAN (CVE, CJE, EPT, local controllers, etc.).