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Camera and actuator for meters (CACO)


The purpose of the CACO project, carried out on behalf of EDF, is to automate the validation of industrial and residential electricity meters.
CACO controls a camera and actuators based on a test bed used by EDF.



The system is designed to take into account the number, dimensions, and orientation of the meter displays and pushbuttons in order to adapt to the physical characteristics of the equipment tested. It features an easy-to-implement mechanism and easy-to-monitor design.

Along with the control functions, the system includes image processing functions for reading the information displayed on the meters or similar devices such as hubs or energy controllers.

We also developed a custom driver to communicate with the meter using CPL in order to be able to compare the value “read” visually and the value sent by the programming interface.
We wrote a driver to control a programmable voltage generator in order to record the transmitted voltage and compare it with the measured voltage. The programmable voltage generator is controlled by a GPIB interface.