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Inauguration of PETAL laser

Inauguration of PETAL laser: the most powerful in the world

The civil scientific laser PETAL, the world leader in its category with a power greater than one million billion watts, was inaugurated Friday, September 18, 2015 on Laser Megajoule CEA site near Bordeaux (France). For this project, Sopra Group and Codra developed together the control and monitoring of the alignment equipment, laser diagnostics and PEPC (plasma electrode Pockels cells), as well as the hypervisory Panorama E² SCADA system.

Batiment LMJ-PETAL
While the Laser Megajoule reproduces the equivalent of a nuclear test in miniature in a laboratory, its little brother "PETAL" (for "Petawatt Aquitaine Laser") will be used for civil research in many areas, especially for astrophysics or medical.