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Renovation of supervision/control and management systems


This factory, with some 30 packaging lines, produces both liquid and powder detergents.

Products are conveyed to automatic palettization units, and the palettes are then sent to either an automated or manual storage area. Then, according to orders, the palettes are automatically drawn from inventory and moved to the truck loading bays via conveyors.


The associated information system provides three levels of CIM (automatic control, supervision/control and management).
Codra renovated the supervision/control and management systems in two phases. We ported applications to an Alpha platform running OpenVMS.
We ported the supervision/control system to FMS screens running DecForms. Codra teams overhauled the structure of the ORACLE/RDB database for the management system. We ported some of the database access code—initially written in RDO—to SQL, and ported the screens (managed by TDMS in an ACMS environment) to DecForms.
We also developed QARun scenarios in order to test the management application's ACMS transactions.
Half the contract was for services, and the other half for supplying and deploying the hardware (an Itanium server running OpenVMS).
Since the factory continued operations during the project, one of our key constraints was organizing on-site acceptance testing and commissioning without disrupting production.
As the system was used for control, we could not connect the previous system in parallel for on-site acceptance testing. Codra decided to “disengage” the legacy system during periods when the factory was idle. Tests were carried out over three or four weekends (one for each phase), and we had to always restore system by 6 a.m. Monday morning in order to launch production.