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Jason project


Codra developed the Jason project for the CEA/DAM Ile-de-France Department.
The CEA runs a National Data Center (CND) which manages a series of seismic, infrasonic, and hydro-acoustic stations located around the globe. The stations collect raw data and send it via a range of communication methods to a central site for storage.

Once the data is stored, it is automatically and interactively analyzed in order to determine whether an event has occurred, and to characterize such events.


CEA/DAM IDF : Center for monitoring signals captured by surveillance stations located worldwide.
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The software analyzes the raw data collected at the seismic and infrasonic stations. Analysts record a marker if they observe that some of this data represents an event. The software automatically creates detection markers in order to simplify analysis.
The system can also measure seismic events. Analysts first select one or more events. Then they visualize the corresponding signals (i.e. the significant parts of the data, as determined previously) and perform various types of signal processing. The resulting measurements are stored in a database.
Applications run on a thick client under Windows or Linux (32- or 64-bit). They use an Oracle 10g database and are developed using the Qt framework (version 4.5 in C++).
We apply an Agile development methodology involving three iterations.