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LMJ Instrumentation & Control System Project


This control system enables Diagnostics to measure laser beam characteristics regardless of the laser firing type.
The Laser Diagnostics system provides the measurement resources required both to analyze the laser pulses focused on the target and to control the operation of the laser sub-system.

The measured characteristics are analyzed in order to:

  • Provide results of the laser pulses hitting the target (result availability and reliability)
  • Provide information required to control the operation, so that each firing is prepared according to the actual capacities of the laser sub-system (firing condition availability and reliability)
  • Help analyze and control the operation and safety of the laser sub-system by detecting any deterioration or failure, and by suggesting appropriate maintenance operations (sub-system availability to ensure a given number of firings per reference period)

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Along with writing the software, Codra also managed the system design (installation analysis, EMC, etc.) and provided 180 measurement bays.
The manufacturing and wiring of the bays was outsourced to a specialized firm.
The reliability of the instrumentation & control system upon delivery must be from 5.10-4 failures/hour.