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 LIL Supervision


The Laser Integration Line (LIL) is designed to validate both the technical solutions and the components used in the Laser MégaJoule (LMJ) Nuclear Simulation project. The LMJ will have 240 laser beams, and the LIL has 8.

Codra's contract was renewed in January 2012 in order to ensure maintenance for another five years.


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This SCADA system provides a Man-Machine Interface to operators for controlling and supervising the plant. It is interfaced with intelligent devices in the laser and with experimental diagnosis tools. Codra developed the application under Windows using Panorama Enterprise Edition, the object-oriented version of our SCADA solution. We developed extensions to Panorama, configured fifteen Panorama applications (Energy bed, Vacuum and fluids, Diagnosis insertion system, Laser diagnosis, Synchronization, Alignment, etc.), and performed integration and reception testing.