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Industrial Automation and Instrumentation & Control systems

Industrial Automation and Instrumentation & Control systems

Codra has been providing Industrial Automation solutions over 29 years. We work with customers of all sizes, in all industries.

Codra provides state-of-the-art Industrial Automation and Control Systems solutions for the automotive, medical, computer and electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and other industries across France. Our experience and expertise in designing, developing and building high-quality, cost-effective automated solutions can provide you with a competitive advantage.

Industrial Automation and control system know-how

Codra helps you compete better by allowing you to increase productivity, flexibility and quality. By automating repetitive manual tasks, your workers can perform more specialized tasks, providing you with better productivity and, in some cases, opportunities to expand your product offering. Codra also helps reduce or eliminate human error, which in turn reduces the cost of error recovery and increases the overall quality of your product.

Codra has extensive experience in industrial monitoring and production tracking. We provide the answers to our customers' problems.

Our team has specific know-how in the following areas:

  • Computer-integrated material handling: management and control of product workflow on production lines
  • Supervision and control: acquisition, analysis, and management of data concerning industrial processes
  • Production tracking: product traceability, control, quality, resource monitoring, etc.


Software solutions for Industrial Automation and MES applications

In addition to this know-how, Codra publishes and provides Panorama softwares suite. This multi-purpose solution is the ideal platform for building modern applications for all industrial processes. It deals with all MES features with Panorama E² and Panorama IT. Panorama E², the leading reference for SCADA, has proved its worth both for simple, traditional sites and for controlling very complex industrial and scientific plants with high security constraints. Codra is committed to supporting plants with lifetimes spanning several decades.
We continuously improve and upgrade our Panorama solution to ensure its longevity and outstanding quality.