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Panorama E² information system

Panorama E² information system

Panorama E² is a SCADA system created by Codra. This multi-purpose solution is the ideal platform for building modern applications with an open design, reliability, and easy deployment. It retains all the benefits of its predecessor Panorama P²: simple installation and a rich feature set.

Built entirely using object-oriented principles, Panorama E² is fully open to technologies. It offers a wide range of standard features, and you can create and add your own functions.
Codra continues to set the pace in the SCADA market with Panorama E² version 5. Key V5 features : OPC-UA, full BACnet, Windows 8 Ready, improved performance, management of XXL architectures… Not to mention our proven technologies : IP V6, virtual machine,  native 64 bits, etc...

Download Panorama E² version 5 Brochure (Pdf : 1.5Mo)

HMI - Human-Machine Interfacecomponent assembly

Panorama E² adapts to your needs and applications thanks to its flexible design and extensive feature set. You specify your functional requirements (alarms, communication, archiving, security, etc.) and define your interface: how to navigate in the application, menus, content and its position, multiple-screens, etc.).
Panorama E² has included a powerful mimic editor since version 3.0. You can animate each item by controlling its size, movement, visibility, fill, and border. You can also issue commands (switch values, set to 1, open a view or display a menu, etc.) according to the user's behavior—moving the mouse over an item, scrolling with the mouse wheel, or releasing a mouse button.

Software Bus & Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is the core of the Panorama Enterprise Edition solution, and the software bus is its spinal column. This ensures:

  • Consistent structure of your content
  • Simple nesting of items and their relations (components)
  • A single, universal implementation principle
  • Simple implementation of interactions between items
  • Network architecture independent from the application architecture
  • Possibility of adding native functions just like those provided by Codra


Thanks to Panorama's flexibility, you can design your architecture independently from your SCADA application. Both will evolve at their own pace according to the plant's life cycle, without affecting legacy applications.