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The Panorama TLM telemetry front-end - deprecated

The Panorama TLM telemetry front-end - deprecated

Panorama TLM is a OPC server communication FrontEnd and an modem manager

OPC Server


Panorama TLM is an OPC-DA gateway to several telemetry and remote management protocols:

  • WIT equipment: TRSII
  • Ijinus: SMS IJINUS
  • Standard protocols: Modbus, Modbus-TCP

In addition to these protocols, Panorama TLM also supports certain proprietary functions and formats such

OPC server and equipement manager

as log files, data blocks, and schedules.

Communication frontend

Panorama TLM does not only communicate with devices: it is a communication frontend and can also transparently manage your SCADA communications equipment. Our solution can use up to four communications units four each remotely-managed device. Each communications unit can be shared between several remotely-managed devices.

Support for heterogeneous communications

Panorama adapts transparently to your remotely-managed devices and communications unit, whatever protocol they use:

  • IP connection (LAN or ADSL)
  • STN modem
  • GSM (data or SMS)
  • serial port

You can give preference to certain communications according to their bandwidth, communications costs, or connection type (permanent or intermittent).

Synergy with Panorama E²

Panorama TLM offers objects and components to simplify the configuration, development, and operation of Panorama E² applications. When a manufacturer offers a feature, Panorama TLM and Panorama E² can explore the network and build an application according to the devices it discovers. It can also generate an application database according to the device configuration files. Panorama TLM is seen by Panorama E² as a transparent OPC server dealing directly with the equipment.